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      Sowing the Seed

Apiary demo farm   

High yielding coffee variety in central Uganda   

Boer goats in Kiruhuru district, Western Uganda   

Introducing KUROILER Chicken   

High yielding, drought tolerant HH Food Security Pearl Millet   

NERICA 4 Uplanda Rice, Maturity Period 105-110 Days   

High yielding Seremi 2 Finger Millet   

About Hear International (HI)

Hear International (HI) is a Local NGO based in Uganda and was founded in 2003. The organization is registered with Uganda National NGO Bureau with registration number: MIA/NB/2013/03/393. HI has developed over the years into a formidable well-respected community focused Organization in Uganda. The mandate of the organization is to ensure that the poor and vulnerable people (Women and Children) are able to meet their basic needs to enhance sustainable development in Uganda. The organization’s programme focuses on its four (4) strategic sectors namely: Livelihood (including promotion Sustainable Agriculture), Natural Resource Management (including Climate Change), Health (including HIV& AIDS and WASH) and Education.

Since 2008, Hear International (HI) has been working to improve the livelihoods of women, children and small holder farmers through fostering Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Promotion of Hygiene & Sanitation and Education.

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Hear International (HI) in partnership with Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) with financial support from Center for Disease Control (CDC) is delivering life supporting Anti-retroviral drugs to People Living with HIV/AIDS during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 Pandemic in Arua and Madi-Okollo districts. The delivery of the anti-retroviral drugs commenced on 1st April, 2020 to-date.

Hear International (HI) is disseminating its Child Safeguarding Policy to the beneficiary communities and other key stakeholders like schools, churches, Lower Local Governments among others. HI recognizes that abuse of power has led, and continues to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse. The nature of our work creates a power differential between those employed by or working with HI and programme participants. We acknowledge that the potential exists for those who work with programme participants to abuse their position of power.


Hear International (HI) is holding its 16th Annual General Meeting on 29th October, 2020. It is expected to be attended by all subscribing members of the organization. Key issues to propel the growth and development of the organization and the beneficiary communities will be discussed during the meeting.


Team work
Upholding justice and equity
Commitment to excellence
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U.S Embassy, Kampala
Embassy of The Kingdom of Netherlands - Uganda
Seeds for Africa
Aga Khan Foundation - Uganda
Infectious Diseases Instititue Uganda

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