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Hear International (HI) in partnership with Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) with financial support from Center for Disease Control (CDC) is delivering life supporting Anti-retroviral drugs to People Living with HIV/AIDS during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 Pandemic in Arua and Madi-Okollo districts. The delivery of the anti-retroviral drugs commenced on 1st April, 2020 to-date.

Hear International (HI) is disseminating its Child Safeguarding Policy to the beneficiary communities and other key stakeholders like schools, churches, Lower Local Governments among others. HI recognizes that abuse of power has led, and continues to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse. The nature of our work creates a power differential between those employed by or working with HI and programme participants. We acknowledge that the potential exists for those who work with programme participants to abuse their position of power.


Hear International (HI) is holding its 16th Annual General Meeting on 29th October, 2020. It is expected to be attended by all subscribing members of the organization. Key issues to propel the growth and development of the organization and the beneficiary communities will be discussed during the meeting.



In Uganda, with the introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE) by Government of the Republic of Uganda, there is a feeling that schools were taken over by government. Thus, parents hardly go to school to follow up on the learning of their children. The involvement of parents in decision making and supporting the school managers has been dwindling over the years. As a result, the sense of responsibility on the parts of the parents and school managers has also gone down. In part the low participation of parents in school activities contributes to the poor performance of pupils in schools.

Therefore, Hear International (HI) works with schools using Community Empowerment approach which mainly focuses on establishment of school gardens. The school gardens initiative aims at bringing parents back to their schools. By coming to work on the school gardens, parents take the opportunity to observe, discuss and ask critical questions regarding the wellbeing and learning environment of their children. Thus, the school garden will among others serve to:

  • Increase community participation and sensitivity to activities in schools.
  • Provide an opportunity to parents to discuss issues that affect performance of their children and take appropriate action
  • It is envisaged that this will result in to improved primary school retention rates and performance of pupils.
  • There will be access and exposure of the pupils, teachers, parents and community to best agronomic practices and advice, and this should lead to improved community’s access to quality extension services.

However, Hear International (HI) intends to initiate volunteer development and placement for Education support from higher institutions of learning and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) within Uganda and without.


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