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Hear International (HI) in partnership with Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) with financial support from Center for Disease Control (CDC) is delivering life supporting Anti-retroviral drugs to People Living with HIV/AIDS during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 Pandemic in Arua and Madi-Okollo districts. The delivery of the anti-retroviral drugs commenced on 1st April, 2020 to-date.

Hear International (HI) is disseminating its Child Safeguarding Policy to the beneficiary communities and other key stakeholders like schools, churches, Lower Local Governments among others. HI recognizes that abuse of power has led, and continues to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse. The nature of our work creates a power differential between those employed by or working with HI and programme participants. We acknowledge that the potential exists for those who work with programme participants to abuse their position of power.


Hear International (HI) is holding its 15th Annual General Meeting on 4th December, 2019. It is expected to be attended by all subscribing members of the organization. Key issues to propel the growth and development of the organization and the beneficiary communities will be discussed during the meeting.


Methodologies That Hear International (HI) Promotes
  • The Climate Resilient Agro-Ecosystems Model (CRAEM) developed by PELUM Uganda is a Community centered approach that systematically integrates various farm and off-farm practices selected and prioritized by the beneficiary communities to build resilience, increase agricultural production and contribute to Climate Change mitigation. It emphasizes practices and technologies within the means of beneficiaries such that they can be scaled out with minimum external interventions.  The prioritized practices are promoted holistically as one package to enable farmers get maximum benefits of adopting integrated practices as opposed to single practices.

CRAEM draws from the appreciation that farmers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in coping with extreme climatic variabilities and change, which if well integrated with new locally adapted and ecologically sound innovations could further strengthen adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

While promoting the model among the farmers, CRAEM emphasizes sustainability both in terms the practices promoted and the approaches used. The model emphasizes working with and strengthening community leadership structures to spearhead the implementation and scaling up of the model.

  • The Community Managed Seed Security Model (CMSS) developed by PELUM Uganda is a farmer-led approach promoting seed security practices in to a comprehensive approach for promoting seed security and seed sovereignty. It consolidates the existing good seed security practices in to a comprehensive approach for promoting community led seed security among smallholder farmers, giving them technical capacity to identify, multiply, improve and distribute quality seed and get alternative source of income through sale of surplus seed.
  • Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) developed by OXFAM use specific participatory processes and diagram tools to give women and men more control over their lives as the basis for development. It is a mainstreaming methodology to address gender issues important to the effectiveness of any development. It is a mainstreaming methodology to address gender issues important to the effectiveness of any development. It provides practical tools and an ill-inclusive participatory process and platform for individuals and groups to analyze their livelihoods.
  • Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) model developed by CARE International is a self-managed and self-capitalized microfinance methodology having its members mobilize and intermediate local pools of investment finance that offers savings, insurance and credit services in markets outsource reach of formal financial institutions.






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